Presently BNB GROUPE has OWN more than 100 distribution outlets (including 31 Supermarkets) in the economic cities of DR CONGO.We are also in process of enlarging the surface of an existing outlet to twice and open another wholesale and retail outlets very soon in major cities of DRC. Besides, group has a vast array of infrastructural capabilities,like a number of warehouses in key cities and a fleet of vehicles and nationwide distribution network in other small towns of the country, in order to ensure the smooth distribution and reach of the products represented by us.

Our Branches:-
1. KINSHASA (Capital and Largest city of DRC)
2. LUBUMBASHI (Second-largest city of DRC and also called mining city of DRC)
3. KOLWEZI (Kolwezi is a town in Katanga Province in south DRC)
4. KIKWIT (A rural town located in Bandundu Province)
5. KISANGANI (Third largest urbanized city in DRC)
6. MBANDAKA (City in northwestern DRC)

and also in Kasumbalesa, Tschikapa, Matadi, Kananga, Kimpese, Bumba, Mbuji Mayi, Busengo, Mbuta, Kalini


BNB Groupe has always recognized its Social responsibility by establishing an involvement with local community, with a view to uplift the socio-economic condition of the area.  
BNB Groupeis the sole organization that provides in-house training to its 100% workers, that makes them more eligible for the employment. Besides it transforms them into the slot of the skilled professionals. 

No to Child Labor:  
BNB Groupe has set at least higher secondary level education a must for the job. Also, children below 18 years are not allowed to work in factories, warehouses, shops and super-markets to avoid child labor.