Biso Na Biso Groupe” was incorporated in 1998 in Kinshasa to promote the various commodities and services from various global markets. Envisioning the potential of DR Congo as economic powerhouse,BNB started business with a retail store and rapidly grew to become one of the leading Trading houses in DR Congo.

BNB Groupe is actively engaged in a diverse range of business activities such as Manufacturing, Trading and Distribution, Retail, Real Estate, Pharmaceutical and many more services, being focused, well directed and far-sighted organization, BNB strongly believes in the long-term.

The Group is associated with many prominent suppliers and principals, most of who are amongst leaders in their respective products lines internationally. Through optimizing and managing the key business drivers efficiently, the group has experienced exponential year on year growth in business.

BNB Groupe is most ideally suited to partner potential principals and suppliers (both branded and non-branded) in the complex markets of DR Congo, complementing its impressive array of thriving relationships.


For the Betterment of Nation

Driven by the simple belief that everyone deserves the best, BNB is ever committed to continue the quest of providing only the finest products and services, promoting excellent partnerships with our suppliers and creating a conducive working environment. While we always recognized ourselves as a dynamic, far-sighted and forward-thinking company, loyalty, integrity and equality are virtues that have guided us this far. And, they will continue to be our top priority in our blueprint for the future.


To be the best business house in the world in the eyes of our customers, shareholders, communities and people. 


To deliver products and services that meet the unique needs and expectations of each customer and ultimately satisfy the customers with continuous development of people. 


To find success by always maintaining high ethical standards, fact-founded decision making, judging people on performance and sense of competitive urgency



we define ourselves as a diversified group of DRC. Specific acquisitions, partnerships and the consistent use of alternative distribution channels, grabbing untapped opportunities will allow us to continue extending our footprints in DR CONGO.


we seek long-term profit optimization subject to a reasonable balance of opportunities and risks. This is an important precondition for strengthening our capital basis as a means of safeguarding our existence, using future opportunities for growth and opening up new profitable business segments.


we are a diversified group not tied to specified sector, product groups or trading directions. Our uncompromising orientation to our target markets’ requirements strengthens our competence, allowing us to offer constantly new and tailored products and services to our customers under one single roof. We meet the permanent challenges of the competition in all business segments by means of innovative solutions.

Respect for Competition

We respect competition – because there’s more than one way of doing things right. We can learn as much from the success of others as from our own failures